Happy Father's Day from the CuraLife team!

Today is for all the dads out there - Happy Father's Day! To celebrate Father's Day, we’re sharing some inspiring ‘father stories’ from members o...

Today is for all the dads out there - Happy Father's Day! To celebrate Father's Day, we’re sharing some inspiring ‘father stories’ from members of the CuraLife team. CuraLife was founded out of love for a father, but did you know that a number of CuraLife employees are fathers on CuraLin or have fathers on CuraLin?

Jolie (Community team) and her chef Dad

My dad was recently diagnosed as prediabetic. Our love for food has been prominent since I was born, being that both of my parents are chefs. As you may know, it really is a crime to not try everything you make! The news of my father being prediabetic was shocking, yet understandable at the same time. The hard talks had to start, and they had to start before his diabetes progressed any further. We had a deep talk about healthy choices and lifestyle shifts and he quickly adjusted his diet and lifestyle. My dad also started taking CuraLin a week after being diagnosed, started exercising daily, and only trying his healthy food! He is loving his journey, and it is something we both maintain and talk about together on a weekly basis. We realized there was an upside to this diagnosis. There was a chance to turn his health into the best it has been in years, and it sure is! We can stay strong together through this. We have, and we will. We have learned the right way to eat, to manage health, when to eat certain foods, and when to take a break. I love working for a company that supports my dad’s health and so many other diabetics. It’s the best part about my job, and we are forever grateful! Today is for you dad, for your health, and for your upkeep with diabetes. Happy father’s day daddy!

Haviv (Production team), a dedicated and caring dad

I discovered I had diabetes by accident. You read that correctly. I discovered a bad case of type 2 diabetes only by accident, and thankfully I did. I remember I was constantly thirsty. Every hour I was drinking around a liter and a half of water and nothing helped. I was on this cycle of drinking water, and running to the bathroom around the clock. One day, after weeks of sleepless nights, I went to the doctor and asked for sleeping pills. I explained why I needed the sleeping pills. Because I was so thirsty and up going to the bathroom all night. Instantly, my doctor came back with a blood test and checked my glucose levels. Within a matter of 10 minutes, I had received my results. They were so high I was in an ambulance on my way to a hospital immediately. 20 minutes later, I had my first dosage of Insulin starting. The scariest part? I found out I had been living with Type 2 Diabetes for around 3-4 years with no idea at all. I knew I could have been eating healthier, but I never could have imagined it would be this bad. For 12 years I was on the maximum amount of Insulin and pills. I had to make a change and be an influence for my daughters. I didn’t want them to see me on so many medications all the time. I wanted to see my children grow up to the beautiful human beings they are.

Maria (Community team) and her stressed dad

When I was in my teens My father was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Both his parents had just passed and the stress from his new job was unbearable. His family doctor was thinking that it was hypertension for the first couple of years since the condition started. Only 5 years later, he was properly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This was shocking for the family because we didn’t expect this news at all. As a young woman looking at my father’s condition, it made me realize the dangers of stress. He was diagnosed when I was 18 and by 20, I had started doing yoga and meditation, eating healthy, exercising and looking within myself. Now, when I have my own kids and looking back to 20 years ago it all becomes clear how much it affected my life. I was always pulled towards eastern medicine and herbal treatments and now I understand how my journey is complete. Thank you dad, you set an example for us!

Ron (CEO and founder) and his dad, the true story behind CuraLife

I have always been close with my dad. Ever since I remember we've had a special bond. We’re great friends, and honestly I love him more than words can explain. He's this kind of "super dad" you know? When dad was diagnosed with T2D it was scary. Dad has a freighting family history with the condition, and though it came as a shock, we knew we have to take it very seriously. The family all huddled together. Motivating, supporting dad (sometimes on the verge of harassing him ;) to "be better" - eat less of what he loves, do sports regularly, getting the best doctors to help and make sure dad takes his meds as prescribed. But, after a year of trying, really trying, we were failing. His diet was boring, his energy level were low and he had problems with his eyesight and focus. We felt alone, constrained to a single course in life, with little hope to win. Dad always had my back. Always. I knew that it was my time to have his. I founded CuraLife, knowing what I'm trying to solve, not knowing how. I was lucky enough to be joined by an incredible group of people - dreamers, creators, innovators. People with talent, deviation and determination to offer a "happily ever after" to diabetics in their journey to health and happiness. To offer hope. Dad and I are partners in CuraLife today. His glucose levels have stayed balanced for over 4 years now. He enjoys a healthy and (very) active lifestyle with mom and even that naughty treat every once in a while, without the guilt trip ;). CuraLin and the online Community "Winning Type 2 Diabetes Together" have meant so much to our family, and nothing makes me prouder than knowing that through our personal journey we have been fortunate to help tens of thousands of people already. Keep on inspiring us!

Lital (Finance team), her dad and their love for food

I was always a daddy girl, I was always told I look just like him and I always hoped I got his brain. I always looked up to him - I even studied the same degrees in university as he did, and hoped to grow up to be as successful as he is. He is a professional role model and a brilliant advisor. I also admire his will to live life - fully and with tons of love to the ones close to him - family and friends.

When my dad was diagnosed, at the beginning it was very scary but once we understood and were focused, all of us (4 kids) went to get our blood tested to see if we are also diabetic. From that test, I discovered I have high cholesterol at that time, a thing that pushed us all family to eat healthier. In the beginning we cut down on the quantity of food we consume and later we began changing our diet and starting to exercise. From people who ate everything we want, at any time of day - we had to become more calculated in order to feel better. My Dad was always an eater :) you cannot call him skinny and he always enjoyed food as one of the gifts the world gave us. It is a continuance struggle, but it is also a new way of life. He's taking Curalin his health is wonderful. He was skeptical before he started, but now he's a believer and recommends CuraLin to any diabetic he knows.