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Meet the CuraLife community

Every day, people around the world connect in our active community to share advice, get support, and help each other live a healthier life, free from the constraints of chronic conditions. It’s a movement changing lives across the globe.

Jodi Olson USA

“This has been a amazing product and has made all the difference for my 86 year old dad….. THANK YOU”

Rita Reed USA

“I’ve been a Curalin user for 16 days and it transformed my life. My blood sugars have been reduced drastically. I’ve never ever had numbers this low ever and ive been a diabetic since 2008. New users please give it a try.”

Horace A USA

“This stuff is amazing, i’ve been getting awesome numbers. I feel for once i have a great chance of getting off the high cost prescription drugs. Thanks Curalin!!!”

Kathy Barker USA

“I just want to share with you the luck I had with CuraLin and my type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed in august of 2016. So I decided to try this CuralIn and I ordered and noticed that my blood sugar started dropping. My blood sugars are now normal every single day when I wake up in the morning. Thank you CuraLife for helping me with my type 2 diabetes”

Tracy Ham USA

“I’ve been on curaLin for about a month. I was taking Glipizide 10 and Januvia 100 and now I’m down just to Glipizide 10. I want to recommend to the world that this definitely works. If you’re looking for anything to help control and lower your blood sugar, Try curalin because it works. Since curalin I feel like I’m living all over again.”


“Back in October I had my A1c done and my doctors were quite concerned. He wanted to get me started on metformin. About that time I saw the ad on Facebook for curaLin and I said why don’t I have this a try. A week later I dropped a lot and said whoa I need to keep trying this. My numbers keep on dropping. I did a1c a few weeks ago and I made considerable progress. This stuff is a great product and I’m continuing using this”