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CuraLife Update During COVID-19

By: Jolie Wiener
March 23, 2020

CuraLife COVID-19

Dear CuraLife Community Members,

We feel it is important for you to know the actions we are taking during this situation.
As the impact of COVID-19 grows, it remains our priority to keep our community in good health and good hands!

While the situation is evolving and difficult to predict, we know that keeping you updated and in-the-know is a must.
CuraLife has implemented a work from home policy for our employees so that we can remain here to support you.
We are a community-driven company and we will continue to be so you are not left alone. We are part of this together.

We are continually monitoring updates from the CDC and WHO. Our distribution and manufacturing centers remain fully operational with all appropriate safety guidelines.
We are truly prioritizing the safety and health of our customers, community, and employees.

We continue to offer you 24/7 support.
The “Winning Type 2 Diabetes Together” Facebook community continues to unite diabetics, caregivers and support staff around the world, where they share and receive knowledge and support through this challenging time. We continue to be here for you during this journey, even more so during this time of isolation. We want to be there for you.

Join “Winning Type 2 Diabetes Together” for information, friendships, and support.
Let us know how you are getting through this situation! All ideas are welcome 🙂

Our online shop is fully up, running, and ready for orders without any anticipated shipping delays.

Thank you to all of our loyal CuraLife customers and community members. We will remain positive and hopeful that this situation will clear up. May we see healthier days soon.

The CuraLife Team

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