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Protein & Glucose Levels – Here’s What You Need To Know

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julio 25, 2019

If you’re diabetic, you probably think that watching your carb and sugar intake is simple enough, right? A recent study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health in 8 European countries over the course of 12 years may claim otherwise. Drawing inspiration from both Europe and America’s obsession with meat and protein in our diets, this study’s alarming findings displayed that on average, individuals who eat a seemingly common 90 grams of animal protein a day have between a 6-17% higher chance of being diagnosed with type II diabetes. Moreover, for those already suffering from diabetes, a higher intake of protein can often come along with other undesirable contents, such as high amounts of saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Plan your diet with these simple considerations in mind to make sure that too much protein isn’t ruining your diabetes!

Pause On The Protein

Your body needs protein to function properly and carry out daily routine. However, too much can take a toll on your body as unwanted nutrients such as excessive cholesterol and animal-based fibers from protein can really do a number on anyone trying to manage diabetes, so watch what you eat on a daily basis! Doctors recommend limiting protein consumption by means of eating normal portions of red meat no more than twice a week, normal portions of poultry or fish three to four times a week, and minimizing intake of cheese and cold-cuts as much as possible.

Fruits & Vegetables Give You The Edge

Who’s to say that meat and dairy are the only means of getting protein in your diet? Look for different, healthier alternatives in equally nutritious fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are renowned sources of natural proteins that are safe, beneficial, and cheap substitutes for those suffering from diabetes. Replacing meat in your diet with these alternatives can also work to promote weight loss and, even, lower your HBA1C levels. Though we always recommend consulting with a physician beforehand, consider these new alternatives.

Consider these fresh new takes on how to improve your diet, but remember that just because you are trying to manage your glucose levels, doesn’t mean that you need to completely cut meat and dairy from your diet. Taking CuraLin as recommended will animate your body’s insulin production and work to manage your blood sugar levels! Allowing you to still enjoy the occasional steak while still managing your diabetes!

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