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Our Story

The most powerful stories are personal. Vulnerable. Inspiring movement away from the status quo, towards a desperately needed change. CuraLife's story is just as inspirational. Read on to see the story that started the CuraLife journey. It all began with a diagnosis...

We Understand

Our journey began when we experienced firsthand the lack of effective treatments for chronic conditions without limiting side-effects.

We did not give up

We believed there must be a way to treat chronic conditions without the terrible side-effects of synthetic drugs. So, we went on a journey around the world to find that better solution.

We discovered Ayurveda

We looked North to South. East to West. We visited doctors in hospitals, professors in lecture halls, shaman, healers, and medicine men. At last, we discovered Ayurveda, an ancient healing system that’s been treating chronic conditions for thousands of years.

We modernized Ayurveda

We established a team of renowned doctors, scientists, and Ayurveda practitioners to layer cutting edge science on top of effective traditional practices. This is the ultimate synergy for naturally healing chronic conditions without negative side-effects.

We shared

After formulating powerful, condition-specific supplements, our mission turned to help the millions of people suffering the effects of chronic conditions.

We are proud

Today we are proud to be creating a world, free from the constraints of chronic conditions. We measure our impact in lives improved, and we are motivated by our customers amazing success stories.