CuraLin 6 Pack

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CuraLin is different than anything else available on the market right now, and anything you may have tried in the past. Save 20%, and the hassle of ordering each month with the CuraLin 6-Pack - 6 single bottles, each containing 180 capsules. Depending on your usage levels, the CuraLin 6 pack is a 6-12 month supply. CuraLin offers people needing advanced glucose support an effective and 100% natural option for maintaining healthy glucose levels. Each vegan-friendly capsule contains our powerful Ayurvedic formula, free from dairy, gluten, preservatives, and artificial colors & flavors.

Supports weight loss & the metabolism of fats

Boosts insulin sensitivity & production

Boosts daily energy levels

Promotes healthy & balanced sugar levels

Helps the digestion & metabolism of sugars

Reduces the craving for sugars & other carbs

The information given should not be considered as a substitute for a conventional treatment or counseling. Children, pregnant or lactating women should not take the supplement. Patients suffering from chronic illnesses (using medicinal treatment) should consult with their medical practitioner prior to use. Diabetic patients treated with medications, should monitor their blood glucose levels prior to start using the nutritional supplement in order to avoid a hypoglycemic condition. People who are prone to hypoglycemia should not take the supplement.

As a dietary supplement for adults take one to two (1-2) capsules after breakfast, 1-2 capsules after lunch and 1-2 capsules before bed (maximum dose is up to 6 capsules per day). Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. Please keep away from the reach of children. Pregnant or lactating women should not take the supplement. The supplement is not suitable for use under the age of 18. It is recommended to constantly follow the blood glucose levels and inform your physician with any changes in the indexes.

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