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Why Doctors Do Not Prescribe Natural Products for Diabetes

By: admin
June 4, 2018

Many patients want their medical professionals to recommend and embrace natural supplements to keep them healthy. So, what’s holding them back?

Natural medicines have been used for centuries. Yet, as alternative medicines offer an a complementary approach to health, more and more people are seeking them out and using them alongside their prescriptions. Yet, few doctors are actually recommending natural products to their patients. Here’s why – and why they should.

What are natural supplements?

Natural supplements are used to help maintain healthy function inside the body. Supplements are important for everyone, including people with diabetes, as we know that there are specific herbs, roots, fruits and flowers that can help people maintain healthy blood sugar levels. 

Why doctors are not recommending natural supplements 

The reason why more doctors are not recommending natural supplements is not because they don’t know about them. In fact, a staggering 76% of people working in the healthcare sector use natural supplements themselves. Yet, when it comes to recommending them, doctors often find their hands tied with bureaucratic and regulatory red tape. The health insurance companies overseeing doctors’ employment bar them from suggesting natural products citing Medical Board Regulations. They even go as far as to have doctors sign employment contracts explicitly stating that they will not recommend natural products to their patients!

But why?

  • Medical students are not properly trained in natural supplements. Time and money would have to be spent on further education.
  • Natural supplements are perceived as non-scientific by policy makers.
  • Natural formulations are harder to patent. As such,  big companies tend not to push for their development and sale. 

Why doctors should recommend natural products to people with diabetes 

To give all patients, including diabetics, the best possible chance at a healthy life, modern medicines should be supplemented with natural supplements. Natural supplements enable the adoption a mind-body approach to living well with diabetes, as well as carefully increasing the body’s intake of nutrients geared towards supporting the body’s ability to maintain healthy and balanced blood glucose levels. 

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