Coronavirus Update - Type 2 Diabetes

What do we know about Coronavirus?

A virus unheard of a few months ago is now one of the most common, and unfortunate topics of conversation. While the Coronavirus needs to be taken seriously, there are many ways to help fight it together!


Type 2 Diabetes and Coronavirus

While the news keeps focusing on the global trends and long-term effects, if you or a loved one is a diabetic and you are worried about the coronavirus, we’ve come up with some resources you may find helpful today. If you have diabetes and have symptoms such as a cough, high temperature, or feeling short of breath, you need to monitor your blood sugar closely and call your doctor right away. Do not let this scare you. It is highly recommended and important to maintain a healthy lifestyle during a viral breakout. As specialist Gary Scheiner states, “You’re feeding the enemy in a way if your blood sugar is poorly controlled. When you’re sick, running a lot of high blood sugars is going to extend your recovery time and cause your symptoms to become that much worse,” he explains. Any diabetic who doesn’t yet own a glucose meter for home testing is recommended to buy one immediately so you can make sure to keep blood sugar under control!

Stress and blood sugar levels - what we DO know

Destressing as much as possible during these times is important because stress is bad for diabetics as it spikes blood sugar levels. There are things we cannot control, like the movement of the virus, but there are things 100% within our control! Taking a deep breath and relaxing is something completely within your control, and can have a positive impact on your blood sugar (and life)! Yes, we need to take precautions against the virus (more on this below), but the first thing to do is to stay calm and collected as a method of keeping control of your blood sugar! In addition, diabetics are more susceptible to picking up infections as higher blood glucose levels will weaken the immune system. So, make sure you are keeping your blood sugar levels under control!

How to best avoid Coronavirus

There is currently no vaccine to prevent Coronavirus. So it’s even more important for diabetics to take precautionary measures and stay healthy! This means strictly following all official hygiene recommendations, including:
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Changing your lancet every single time you test your blood sugar levels.
  • Stocking up on your medications in the event that a state of emergency is declared (no state of emergency has yet been declared).
  • Make sure you have at least a few weeks supply of your medications at home.
  • Keep extra rubbing alcohol and soap at home to help prevent you from contracting the virus.
  • Speak with your doctor and understand how often to check your blood sugar levels, and how to adjust your medications in case you get sick.
  • Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated is key for flushing out your body!
  • Keep some high glucose candies at home in case of hypoglycemic incidents.

Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst

Now is the time to prepare for what may be ahead, but let’s remember to stay calm! Be sure to keep some stock of what you need to manage your health! And of course, have plenty of toilet paper! Let’s remember, that humanity has overcome viruses before. While we are being asked to keep more social distance, we can come together as a nation and help overcome this virus as well.