Discover The Power
Of Community

You just got diagnosed and you’re feeling alone. You don’t know who to turn to.

Or you diagnosed for many years, but your friends and family don’t really understand what you’re going through.

You start scrolling the internet and find the world's largest support group for metabolic health. You decide to join.

Suddenly, you’re not alone.

You’re in a community of over 100 thousand people, the largest community online, sharing similar experiences, swapping questions and answers, and just generally being there for one another.

That’s what community is.

That’s what companionship is.

That’s what friendship is.

For the good days.

The bad days.

The big wins.

And the small ones.

When you’re a part of a community, you celebrate every milestone.
Because we know how hard it can be. So feel free to be yourself, ask questions, learn, share, laugh or cry.
The power of community can have a transformative impact on your health journey.

That’s what it’s here for.
Here's a taste of Winning Type 2
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