Diabetes - The Mind Matters

We always talk about the physical symptoms of diabetes, but some of the most upsetting symptoms are ones that affect your brain and mindset. Many who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes report that they are either suffering from emotional discomfort or suffer problems with their memory and attention span. This is because the brain, just like many other organs, is negatively impacted by the disease.

People will often work hard to keep their body in shape as they struggle with Diabetes, but you can’t forget that the brain is a muscle too. Paying attention to your memory and perception is important especially as you get older. Simple exercises and activities can serve to keep your mind as fit as your body as you move forward in your efforts to live well with Diabetes.

Consume Polyphenols:
Polyphenols are a group of chemicals found in various plants and foods vital for the brain's optimal function. Scientists have found that consuming polyphenols increases the brain's ability to function and recover. Polyphenols are found in certain types of tea and types of low-carb red wine, which are both known to have positive effects on blood sugar levels as well. Nevertheless, consume them in moderation because what can help your brain often can hurt your bloodstream, intoxication shares many symptoms with high blood sugar when not consumed in moderation.

Take part in Memory games
Games that require one to retain information have been found to have lasting effects on a person's ability to do so. If it's as simple as playing the children's game “memory”, or trying to test your knowledge of history, it is important to challenge your mind. The more difficult the better when it comes to the test.
Though you may find many online, here are some examples of brain training sites, that have proven effects through neurological research:

Get Your Blood Flowing
Even though we began the blog post by saying it's not just your body that needs exercise, it's still great for your mind. Blood flow is a symbol of overall well-being and if you get moving, and get your heart pumping, the brain can only benefit. Take walks, do some exercise, and you will find that your thoughts are fresh and fast, keeping your brain as refreshed as your body.

Talk to People
If brain games or reading isn’t your thing, don’t worry, watch a movie and chat about it. Talking to friends and family is said to be just as stimulating for the brain as more intellectual activities. Even if you are chatting on an online forum, getting involved in a back and forth works out those neurons. This is one of the better ways to prevent both emotional and physical problems involved with one’s mind.

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Play with your Day
Routines are good for getting used to a new place, but can also make one forget how to stay active and aware. When you are diabetic it’s important to remember to not get complacent, staying on top of your condition is a full-time job. Therefore, keep yourself on your toes by mixing things up a bit. Take a different way to work, dine at a hidden gem, go sightseeing in the place you live. All these things can help to keep your mind moving, and are a lot of fun as well.

Try some of these techniques out and let us know how they have worked for you. Drinking wine, exploring, and playing games aren't so bad, so turn it into something fun. Finding a partner for these activities is highly recommended. Don’t let your mind get out of shape, and take on some new challenges.

Keep your Blood Sugar Healthy

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