Dr. Michael Fishkin's Experience with Curalin

After living with Type 2 Diabetes for over a decade, Dr. Michael Fishkin found his natural way to maintain healthy & balanced glucose levels. Dr Fishkin has been with CuraLin for over a year now. Yes, Doctors go natural as well! Here is his story with CuraLin:


"To the Great people at CuraLife,
It is with pleasure that I share my experience using your product for the past year, it has really changed mine and my family's life. I can honestly say that CuraLin is a unique solution, I haven’t seen anything like it throughout my medical career!

My name is Dr Michael Fishkin, my "experience" with Type 2 diabetes dates back 10 years ago (wow, long time!).
I was travelling to the United states with an aim to participate in a medical convention, an important milestone to further my medical Career.
The night before the convention, I suddenly began to feel weak, I couldn’t focus, I had an upset stomach and was feeling thirsty.
Originally I thought it's my old chronic hepatitis acting up again (I was familiar with the symptoms), so I did not pay too much attention to it. Unfortunately, I was wrong. As time passed by the symptoms got much worst.

When I returned back home I immediately headed to the hospital I work in and asked the nurse to administer a full blood test. When I got the results back I was in shock. My blood glucose level was five times higher than the norm!
My family doctor (yes, we doctors have doctors as well) instructed me to lose weight, exercise and make some other changes.

I was well aware of just how severe type 2 diabetes is, not only on its own but also as one of the main causes for cardiovascular diseases, so I was very dedicated to improving my situation. Quickly enough I was able to bring my weight down (through diet and exercise), but I still needed some more support keeping my blood sugar healthy.

Then I found CuraLin. I should have looked for it before, but as an MD, It took me a while to understand that natural supplements are also valid. My advice to whoever is reading this – don't wait as long as I did!

I started using CuraLin, a Herbal Dietary supplement, and to my amazement, I felt better already from the 1st day of use!
My energy levels were high, my digestion system was feeling better and most of all I was keeping my blood sugar healthy!

I continue taking CuraLin, it's been over a year now, 3 times a day, my HbA1c levels are staying balanced, and I feel fantastic!
Even my wife, not a type 2 diabetic, swears by it because it just made us happier.

I truly thank you for helping me and the family to take control back over my life.

Thank you,

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Dr. Michael Fishkin’s Experience with CuraLin