Happy Mother's Day to All!

Mother’s Day is around the corner! Whether you are celebrating a mom, daughter, sister aunt, a motherly figure, or someone who has been there for you always, Mother’s Day can be special for anyone! Don’t have anything planned? Don’t stress! Let us help you make your Mother's Day deserved! 

We have put together 10 fun ideas for you and your loved ones - from taking a stroll around the neighborhood to a long distance movie night on Zoom that everyone can enjoy. 

If you are physically close to one another: 

  1. Help around the house - let Mom kick off her shoes and sit back for the day 
  2. Support your local florists and pick her the best bunch of flowers that will surely brighten up her day 
  3. Drop by the local farmers market and grab Mom’s favorite diabetic-friendly food 
  4. Tie those shoelaces and take a stroll around the neighborhood, breath in the fresh air and enjoy the spring flowers. 
  5. Try one of these diabetic-friendly recipes that is sure to delight! 
  • Surprise her with breakfast in bed! Follow our quick and easy recipe to these delicious pancakes! -> https://bit.ly/30sG0vK
  • Looking for an after dinner dessert? We’ve got you covered! You won’t believe this cheesecake is diabetic-friendly! Full recipe here -> https://bit.ly/3rrX1ls

    For those social distancing or just afar, try these out: 

    1. Kick open the dusty box of games - Charades works through Zoom as well! 
    2. Watch the same show or movie whilst connected through Zoom 
      • Did you know? Netflix also has a way to watch together online. If you and your mom have a Netflix account and Chrome installed on her laptop or desktop, you can watch a movie together! There is even a group chat function for commenting live during the movie from wherever you are in the world. See Netflix Party.)
    • Take a virtual tour of the museums from all over the world 

      We can give you dozens of ideas but just remember, it’s the little things that count. Just pick up the phone and tell them how much you appreciate them! Happy Mother’s Day to all, from the CuraLife Family!