Intimacy & Diabetes

We know that this is an area that can be a bit touchy, but if intimacy is something on your mind fear not, read on. One issue that is not often enough discussed is how being diabetic may affect one’s intimacy and physicality with their partner. The topic of one’s sexual life and illness is never one to shy away from, that is why we want to help you overcome your fear.

CuraLife surveyed over 2,000 brits in Feb 2018 and found that 80% of Brits don’t realize that Type 2 Diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Sex Drive:

One common issue found in people suffering from diabetes is a lowered or stagnant libido. This is caused amongst other things by some specific medications, as well as a particularly high blood glucose level. Working on maintaining a healthy and active sex drive can do a lot for your health and attitude. Here are some tips for helping you get physically and mentally ready for a romantic experience:

Erectile Dysfunction:

Diabetes affects the absorption of glucose from the blood, affecting the rate and consistency of its flow. Complications with blood flow may also cause an inability to maintain an erection. A sour symptom as it is, there is much hope and countless solutions. Balancing your glucose levels with products such as ours can tremendously help these issues over time.


Males are particularly at risk of having low testosterone levels, mostly occurring due to their blood sugar levels and weight being imbalanced. The good news is that a brief conversation with a health professional can educate you on the multitude of products that can help you with these precise issues.


Studies show that women are not as greatly affected in their sex lives by diabetes, but irregardless experience great changes to their sex drive after menopause. Female arousal has not been known to be directly affected by diabetes, but pivotal blood flow to areas central to arousal may be affected by unwanted glucose levels. Talk to your doctor to make sure it is not an issue with one’s mood and do not be ashamed to use the aid of lubricants or hormones if recommended.  

Nefarious Noms:

Diet and libido are heavily related, many foods are even considered aphrodisiacs, or “love drugs”, foods that seem to increase sex drive when consumed. Here is a quick guide to aphrodisiacs for the health-aware.

1) Oysters: Although these are considered one of the ultimate libidinal bites, be aware there are some nasty bacteria in these seafood treats that diabetics are especially vulnerable to. Go for some sexy salmon, also known to have great effects on one’s testosterone.

2) Dark Chocolate: considered by many a natural stimulant as well, dark chocolate can be just the right treat if you want the health with benefits. Chocolate in all forms has long thought to increase libido, but can often carry loads of unhealthy carbs, with dark chocolate you get the fun without the fight.

3) Rocket/Arugula: this green has been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries, with the Romans even associating it with the God of fertility. The bonus is that it contains an awesome antioxidant Alpha-lipoic acid which is known specifically for helping with glucose absorption in cells, along with a buttload of amazing vitamins.

Having fun will certainly help to make you healthier. If you are experiencing any libido or sex-related symptoms, speak to a health professional that you trust. If you are looking for natural ways to boost your drive there are plenty out there from supplements to snacks, there is always a solution.

Keeping your glucose levels checked and balanced will go a long way towards helping with the issue.

Don’t feel embarrassed, take action and enjoy!