Must-Know Tips To Make Sure You Make It Through The Summer Heat!

As recent heatwaves are starting to make the UK feel more like the south of Spain, it is finally a great opportunity to spend more time with family and friends outside. Summer can be a nice and much-needed break from the daily routine, as the warm weather means more stops at the pool, the beach, and the park where you can find a spot to soak up the sun! Regardless of the warmer weather and the more jovial atmosphere, it is important that you keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels so that you can keep going all summer long! Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the summer:

Fun in the Sun

It’s no secret that summer means more time outside, so how can you best enjoy the sun? Research presented by claims that exposure to sunlight can slow down the development of type II diabetes as well as weight gain, making time outside both fun and healthy. But be careful! We are all familiar with the stinging red sensation that comes with a sunburn, but more than just a painful skin irritation, this type of burn can actually cause your skin to become dehydrated. This dehydration can, in turn, lead to increased blood glucose levels as the skin has difficulty absorbing the excess sugars. Be sure to stay safe in the sun by watching carefully over your sugar levels, taking breaks in the shade, and packing plenty of sunscreen to make sure that you’re safe all day long!

Travelling Abroad

Trips abroad can bring some excitement to any summer! While seeing and trying new things can be an exhilarating experience, it is always important to take time to consider how travelling will impact your blood sugar levels. If you know that you will be out travelling for long periods of time, always make sure beforehand that you take the necessary precautions. Plan meals before the trip so that you can maintain balance in your blood glucose levels and stay healthy while out and about. In addition to planning for meals, it, also, very important that you be able to monitor your blood sugar levels. Be sure to pack extra glucose test strips and keep them in a secure location away from too much air and exposure so that you can stay informed and get the most out of your travels!

At a Picnic

Nothing is better when it’s warmer outside than to invite over friends and family for a barbeque! Though we can all agree that this is a nice way to bring everyone together for a few laughs, picnics can have an impact on your health when it comes to tracking your blood sugar. As celebrations and conversations can continue deep into the night, one can find him or herself generally sitting around and being less active. Less activity means higher blood sugar levels. Be sure to move around some to keep your blood sugar levels balanced! Also, picnics can lead to indulging in some of your favorite foods. Treat yourself but make sure that these summer snacks don’t raise your blood sugar too much!

These important tips will help to ensure that you have a summer that is happy and fulfilling while being able to maintain control over your diabetes.