The Best Diabetes Management Apps of 2022

Technology has transformed the way people approach healthcare, whether it's using fitness apps to track exercise or diabetes management apps to provide reminders and other useful information. It’s no secret that using an app is an excellent way to track and manage your diabetes. If you manage to find an app that suits your needs, habits, and lifestyle, you may actually find that managing your diabetes becomes a much simpler task from week to week. Whether you need help tracking your diabetic diet or need timely reminders, these apps can help.

Here are the best diabetes apps of 2022

1. Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

This is one of the best apps for glucose tracking—it’s an excellent all-in-one app that can do pretty much everything someone with diabetes could want. You’ll be able to track your diet, insulin, blood sugar, and exercise using the user-friendly, intuitive interface. Over time, your stats and trends will help you to understand how you can better manage your condition. What It Can Do:

  • Track steps and other exercises
  • Track carbs
  • Monitor medicine
  • Log blood sugar and A1C
  • Monitor your trends using charts and graphs
  • 12-week diabetes management plan
  • Sync with your Dexcom

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2. Diabetes:M

This tracking app allows you to track every aspect of your health. It uses AI to help you understand and analyze data from your glucometers and insulin pumps. What It Can Do:

  • AI assistant
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Track loved ones
  • Food database
  • Analyze patterns
  • Sync over multiple devices
  • PDF reports

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3. Fooducate

This food tracking app provides a full range of food tracking features that will help you to monitor what you’re eating. This is an intelligent app that will help you to understand more about the food you’re choosing so that you can create lasting, healthy diet habits. What It Can Do:

  • Meal tracker
  • Track exercise
  • Track calorie quality
  • Track macros
  • Access to a huge food database
  • Weight loss tips from health professionals
  • Learn about the hidden nutritional profile of your favorite foods
  • Tailor to a specific diet plan
  • Track allergens
  • Find healthy pet food

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4. BlueStar Diabetes

This is one of the best mobile apps for type 2 diabetes. It uses advanced AI technology to act as a real-time health assistant as you track your blood sugar levels, diet, and exercise. You can also share updates with your healthcare team with the click of a button. What It Can Do:

  • Sync with a fitness tracker
  • Meal plans
  • Track blood glucose levels
  • Receive real-time professional AI advice based on your stats
  • Connect with your care team

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5. Calorie Counter: MyFitnessPal

While this app isn’t specifically designed for diabetics, it offers exceptional food tracking software. Whether you’re purchasing meals from a restaurant or making your own food at home, this app can accurately calculate your calorie intake. You’ll be able to see a full nutritional profile of all of your meals and track your fitness and diet goals. What It Can Do:

  • View a massive food database
  • Use barcode scanner for items you purchase
  • Import recipes
  • Log restaurant meals
  • Save your own recipes
  • Automatically count calories
  • Track nutrient intake
  • Log your daily meals and snacks
  • Log water intake
  • Track goals
  • Log exercise and steps
  • Join an active and supportive community
  • Chart progress and goals

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6. Carb Manager: Ketogenic Diet Tracker & Macros Counter

If you’re currently trying the keto diet, this app is an excellent way to make sure you’re sticking to your goals. Use the app to calculate your carb intake, find useful recipes, and connect with a large keto community. What It Can Do:

  • Simply food diary
  • Keto calculator
  • Track macros
  • Food database
  • Sleep tracker
  • Keto recipes

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7. Health2Sync

This app allows you to track all of the key information in order to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and weight. Plus, if you have a family member or healthcare professional who helps you track your details, you can add them as a partner so they can help you remotely. What It Can Do:

  • Blood sugar tracking
  • Blood pressure tracking
  • Weight tracking
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Diary
  • Invite partners
  • PDF export

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8. DiabetesConnect

This is a simple, easy-to-use app that isn’t clouded with too many features. If you’re looking for a straightforward tracking app for food, blood sugar, and medical stats, this might be the app for you. What It Can Do:

  • Track diabetes data
  • Appropriate for type 1 and type 2
  • Track meals
  • View your medical stats
  • Sync over multiple devices

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9. OneTouch Reveal

If your main focus is tracking blood sugar levels, this app is focused on making mg/dl readings easy to monitor. It also uses AI technology to give you personalized tips based on your readings. What It Can Do:

  • Highlights blood sugar patterns
  • Set personalized reminders
  • Track progress over time
  • Share progress with your healthcare team

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10. Figwee Visual Food Diary

This unique app uses photos to judge how much of a certain dish you ate so that you can accurately track your calories. If you tend to leave some of your meal on the plate, or you had a second helping, this app allows you to use photos to track exactly the right amount of each dish. What It Can Do:

  • Use photos to track how much you ate of a dish
  • USDA food database
  • Places the focus on how much you ate rather than what brand you ate
  • Build custom food entries
  • Track physical activity

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11. Noom

This app focuses on helping you achieve goals. Using your tracked food and exercise, this app gives you psychology tested tips to encourage quick habit changes. What It Can Do:

  • Helps you trick your body into healthy habits
  • Custom meal and workout plans
  • Track weight, food, exercise, and blood pressure
  • Coaching for your health goals

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12. Happy Not Perfect

Diabetes can take its toll on your mental health—it’s easy to become negative and anxious. Be sure to take care of your mental health using this excellent, extensive mindfulness app to encourage positivity. What It Can Do:

  • Interactive workouts based on mood
  • Breathing meditations to calm the nervous system
  • Help you to release negative thoughts
  • Receive a daily dose of wisdom and positivity
  • 300+ mindfulness exercises

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