Valentine's Day: How Can You Help Your Loved Ones With Type 2 Diabetes?

Valentine’s Day is more than just a Hallmark holiday; it’s all about telling your loved one just how much they mean to you. However, for people living with type 2 diabetes, Valentine’s Day and its boxes of chocolates and other sweet treats can seem like a veritable nightmare. Not to worry. Here are some practical tips you can implement to help your diabetic loved one feel special and supported on Valentine’s Day.

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Tip #1 - Use your words

They key to your type 2 diabetic loved ones heart doesn’t have to be their stomach. Open up your heart and share it with that special someone. Tell them just how much they mean to you - in poetry, prose, song or sonata. And while you’re talking, take some time to discuss your loved ones type 2 diabetes. Ask them how you can make their daily lives better, smoother and more balanced, whether by helping with meal planning and prep, becoming an exercise partner, banding together to form better sleep habits, or even carpooling to doctor’s appointments.

Tip #2 - Educate yourself

Become more knowledgeable about diabetes, so you can help your type 2 diabetic special someone navigate the ups and downs of their daily lives. Learn the signs and symptoms of unbalanced sugar levels, so you can help your loved one feel better before they’ve realized something’s askew and arm yourself with the know-how to provide them with the right foods, for their right feelings. Know that for type 2 diabetics, mood swings are often a reflection of unbalanced blood glucose levels - so you don’t take a sour face too personally.

Tip #3 - Keep Healthy

This Valentine’s Day, give your loved one the gift of hope. There are many ways type 2 diabetics can work towards maintaining their health despite the condition:

  • Losing weight
  • Staying active
  • Eating better
  • Taking a nutritional supplement, like CuraLin by CuraLife

With your knowledge, assistance, and support your loved ones can continue to live with healthy blood sugar levels.