Top 8 Gadgets to Help Manage Diabetes Type 2

If you have type 2 diabetes, you know all about the lifestyle changes that come with your initial diagnosis. Staying on top of your diet, exercise, weight, and blood sugar levels can be overwhelming. Type 2 diabetes management is a full-time job, and having the correct tools can help a lot. Choosing carefully from the variety of gadgets available will assist you in achieving the greatest outcomes in managing your diabetes.

Here are 11 gadgets to add to your diabetes care toolkit:

  • Pill organizer;
  • Glucose tablet holder;
  • Food plate;
  • Food scale;
  • Pedometer;
  • Inspection mirror;
  • Insulin cooler bag;
  • Compression socks;
  • Continuous glucose monitor;
  • Bath thermometer;
  • Smartphone app.

It is not uncommon to feel like you need a helping hand while managing the day-to-day of type 2 diabetes. Have you ever considered trying purpose-built gadgets to improve your self-management? With technological advancements, it is now possible to receive tips, reminders, and information from a handy gadget. We’ve put together this list of the top eight gadgets to help manage diabetes in 2021, so you can transform the way you manage your diabetes.

What are the top 8 diabetes gadgets to help manage your

Top 8 gadgets to help manage diabetes in 2021

1. Medtronic MiniMed Insulin Pump System

This personal insulin pump offers brand new technology that has the power to automatically adjust insulin levels based on feedback from your own body. The small pump clips onto your trousers and attaches to an infusion set that consists of two small tubes that attach to the infusion site on your body. This system uses continuous glucose monitoring techno only (CGM) that allows you to check your glucose readings in real-time.


  • Can adjust your insulin every five minutes;
  • Hide insulin tubes under clothing;
  • Administer insulin with the push of a button.

Who It’s For: People with type 1 diabetes over seven years old

Shop online: Medtronic Diabetes

2. Dexcom G6 CGM System

Dexcom produces some of the best diabetic gadgets, namely the G6 CGM System. This system offers continuous glucose monitoring so that you can check your glucose number at all times. This system features an easy-to-use auto-applicator. Plus, it is compatible with Apple and Android devices, so that you can check your glucose on your mobile device.


  • Easy-to-use;
  • Touch screen receiver;
  • Real-time data;
  • Share data with friends and family.

Who It’s For: Diabetics aged two and over Shop online: Dexcom

3. Omron Healthcare HeartGuide Blood Pressure Monitor

This slick, high-tech HeartGuide offers accurate blood pressure readings. This device looks like a smartwatch, making it inconspicuous and stylish to wear daily. Thanks to their accuracy and their ability to track exercise and sleep, Omron is reportedly one of the top recommended brands for gadgets in diabetic care.


  • Record accurate blood pressure and compare to ADA guidelines;
  • Track steps, calories, and distance;
  • Record sleep patterns and set sleep goals.

Who It’s For: Adults who wish to track blood pressure

Shop online: Omron

4. Medtronic Remote Glucose Monitor

Medtronic offers some of the best diabetic care products. The MySentry Remote Glucose Monitor is designed for parents of diabetic children. The device allows you to monitor Medtronic’s MiniMed Paradigm device from another room. This device will transform the way you manage your child’s diabetes, making the process of blood glucose checks fast and simple.


  • Real-time glucose readings;
  • CGM graphs and trends;
  • Guidance on insulin amounts;
  • Remotely view alerts.

Who It’s For: Parents of diabetic children

Shop online: Medtronic

5. Telcare BGM Cellular-Enabled Blood Glucose Meter

If you’re looking for a glucose meter that doesn’t require wires and tubes, try this wireless option. Using cellular connectivity, this device can send its accurate results directly to your account. This device is self-sufficient, so you won’t need to install software onto your phone or purchase additional hardware.


  • See personalized trends;
  • Instantly send your data to your online account;
  • Uses free cellular connectivity.

Who It’s For: Adults with diabetes Shop online: Amazon

What are the top 8 diabetes gadgets to help manage your

6. Glooko

Glooko is an app that allows you to sync and organize your data across all of your diabetes-related devices. Once this information is synced up, you and quickly and easily transport it straight to your healthcare team. With this app, you’ll be able to keep track of all of your data without having to spend hours gathering information from various devices.


  • Syncs up to 95% of all diabetes gadgets;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Free to use;
  • Follow your blood sugar levels and pressure trends.

Who It’s For: Adults with multiple diabetes devices Shop online: Glooko

7. MedFolio Pillbox

With the MedFolio pillbox, you can combine the traditional concept of the “pillbox” with state-of-the-art technology. This device is a medication organizer that has the technology to send you automatic alerts and reminders when it is time to take your next dose. Settings allow you to create a personalized sound and LED-lighting alert system. If you prefer to receive reminders on your mobile device, MedFolio can be set up to e-mail or text you reminders too.

This device is perfect for people who often find themselves forgetting to take their medication throughout the day, or worrying about when they should take their next dose. With this automatic reminder system, you can spend your time thinking about other aspects of your life.


  • Automatic alerts when it’s time to take your next dose of medication;
  • Sleek, attractive design.

Who It’s For: Adults who are tired of thinking about medication times and want an automated system Shop online: MedFolio

8. My Omnipod

This device is designed to transform your relationship with diabetes medication. If you require insulin, the Omnipod Pod Therapy technology facilitates simple insulin management that can give you as much as 72 hours of ongoing insulin delivery. Simply wear this tubeless, discreet pod, and you will be able to manage necessary tasks like carb counting through wireless communication.


  • Wireless and tubeless device;
  • Sleek, discreet design can be worn under clothes;
  • Communicates with Personal Diabetes Manager to schedule insulin delivery.

Who It’s For: Adults who take insulin medication Shop online: Omnipod

What is continuous glucose monitoring?

A continuous glucose monitoring system, or CGM, is a small medical device that continuously checks your blblood glucose levels in real-time. To use a CGM, you place a small sensor on your abdomen and penetrate the top layer of skin with a tiny plastic tube called a cannula. The devices can be especially helpful for children dealing with overnight fluctuations due to active monitoring and alert settings, providing safer care and more peace of mind to parents and caregivers.

Get your support in the right place

Gadgets and diabetes care often go hand in hand. But for all the latest information on the latest gadgets and innovations, we heavily recommend connecting with a diabetes community. Not sure which community to join? The Winning Type 2 Diabetes Together community offers a welcoming environment where diabetics can connect, ask questions, trade tips, and much more.

What are the top 8 diabetes gadgets to help manage your