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As a medical professional, you play a pivotal role in your communities well-being.


A highly effective and clinically proven glucose support supplement based on Ayurvedic medicine and composed of 100% natural ingredients.

Clinical Excellence

Backed by rigorous clinical trials, our commitment to scientific research sets us apart, giving you the confidence to promote our products. Curalin is proven to yield 3 times better results than a placebo, with no negative effects observed, showcasing its proven success.

Our board of trusted Medical Advisors

Prof. Itamar Raz

As Chairman of the Medical Board, Prof. Raz brings a wealth of experience from his accomplished medical and researcher career. Prof. Raz is renowned as the head of the Israel National Council of Diabetes and has over 400 publications in prestigious journals.

Dr. Sarah Brewer

Dr. Brewer is a distinguished professional with degrees in Natural Sciences, Medicine, and Surgery from Cambridge University. A prolific and award-winning writer, Dr. Brewer has authored over 70 self-help books.

Dr. Sarah Kaplan

Dr. Sarah Kaplan is a highly experienced dietitian, formerly serving as the Director of Nutrition and Diet Unit at Israel's "Kaplan" Medical Center.


Beyond supplements, we understand the emotional impact of blood sugar levels, as well as the emotional struggle that comes with it. Curalife has a robust community network for glucose maintenance and peer support, offering not just physical benefits but also a strong emotional support system. Our thriving community comprises over 110K members who understand the unique challenges and triumphs of the journey to better blood sugar management.

Education Materials

Easy to share, promoting skill-building and encouraging positive lifestyle changes. Our CuraEats app provides personalized recipes and diet plans, serving as a vital educational tool in the nutrition sector—one of the most talked-about and crucial areas that our customer base seeks guidance in and values highly.

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Where we send Curalin and educational content directly via a link you share, allowing you to earn the full margin without holding inventory.

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