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To serve and protect

your daily health by keeping your immune shields up and defenses in tip top shape! Remember, good immune health is critical to healthy blood sugar.

  • health benefit

    Supports a healthy immune system and inflammation response

  • health benefit

    Reduces stress levels arising from daily activities

  • health benefit

    Promotes blood sugar health


Clinically tested blood sugar support. Unleash the 9 natural ingredients with the power to keep your life, and blood sugar in balance



Clinically tested
by the world’s top endocrinologists

Rated #1 recommended
by the biggest blood sugar support forum

700+ doctors recommend
CuraLin to their patients

Capsule Pill Capsule Pill
2 capsules,
AFTER each meal,
up to 6 a day.
Supplement Facts

Immune Booster

This supplement blend is packed with mushrooms and fungi to give your immune system a powerful boost. Take it daily for total support.


Immune Booster

Powerful mushrooms & fungi
that support total immune health

Supports daily strength
cognition, and endurance

Keeps inflammation
checked by promoting a healthy inflammation response

Capsule Pill Capsule Pill
Take 2 capsules once a day
Supplement Facts

Trusted By More Than 700 Doctors

curalife info
Dr. Michael Binder

Functional doctor, author of Cracking The Diabetic Code

curalife info
Dr. Nancy Russell

Internal Medicine Specialist,
North Kansas City Hospital

curalife info
Dr. Renee Plummer

Naturopathic Primary Care Physician at Health Moves in Woodinville, WA

curalife info
Dr. Sarah Brewer

Functional doctor, diabetes expert, and author of over 60 books on personal health

You want a strong immune system.

Joints are cushioned by cartilage and fluids.

Cartilage is a smooth, strong, stretchy tissue that covers bones at a joint. It absorbs shock and reduces friction and wear as you move.

Synovial fluid is like an oil that surrounds and lubricates joints. It lets bones smoothly move against each other. It also nourishes cartilage.

By supporting cartilage, synovial fluid, joint capsules, and by keeping inflammation in check.

Combined, the supplements in the Happy Joints Bundle in addition to the ingredients in Curalin also support healthy blood sugar, which reinforces your joint health!

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Popular Questions

How much should I take of each supplement?

Take 2 capsules 30 minutes after each meal - 3 times a day.

Fungi Immune Booster:
Take 2 capsules once per day.
For best results take 20-30 min before a meal with an 8oz. glass of water.

Always consult a doctor before taking a new supplement.

Is this bundle for me?

If you're looking to maintain a healthy blood sugar level and support the strength of your immune system, this is a great product for you.

Of course, consult your doctor.

Where are the products made?

Immune Booster is made right here in the USA! Curalin is powdered in India and capsuled and bottled in the USA.

Are these supplements certified?

All of our supplements are made in NSF and GMP certified, and FDA registered facilities.

Can I take these supplements alongside my medications?

Generally speaking, these supplements are safe. However, always consult your doctor before starting on a new supplement.