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A bottle of Restful Sleep capsules next to a sprig of lavender.
Two bottles of curalin, one labeled 'Blood Sugar Support' and the other labeled 'Restful Sleep'.

Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep
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Curalin & Restful Sleep
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Sleep tight, wake up right

with a soothing yet powerful blend of vitamins, minerals & herbs that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, our proprietary blend is key to a restful night's sleep.

health benefit

Supports healthy blood sugar

health benefit

Enjoy restful and comfortable sleep throughout the night

health benefit

Enjoy overall health and wellbeing

Restful Sleep

The ultimate sleep solution. Our blend of powerful herbs and vitamins supports healthy blood sugar and improves sleep quality. With calcium carbonate, vitamin B6, goji berry, and chamomile, you'll get everything you need for a great night.


Restful Sleep

Know you’re covered
with 19 powerful ingredients that support you through the night

You’re powerful
but we can all use a boost! Support muscle function with powerful B6 vitamins

Destress and boost
nervous system health with ingredients that support a full night’s sleep

Capsule Pill Capsule Pill
Take 2 Capsules once per day
Supplement Facts


Clinically tested blood sugar support. Unleash the 9 natural ingredients with the power to keep your life, and blood sugar in balance



Clinically tested
by the world’s top endocrinologists

Rated #1 recommended
by the biggest blood sugar support forum

700+ doctors recommend
CuraLin to their patients

Capsule Pill Capsule Pill
2 capsules,
AFTER each meal,
up to 6 a day.
Supplement Facts

Trusted By 700+ Doctors

Prof. Itamar Raz

World renouned endocrinologist with over 400 published peer-reviewed studies.

Dr. Michael Binder

Functional doctor, blood sugar expert.

Dr. Nancy Russell

Internal Medicine Specialist,North Kansas City Hospital

What makes sleep so good for you?

What makes sleep so good for you?

Sleep is important — it’s like your body’s secret weapon for feeling good. When you snooze, your body is busy fixing muscles and making sure your brain gets a break to refresh. It’s like your body’s nightly repair time to make sure everything works well the next day.

A good night’s sleep keeps your immune system strong, like a superhero against germs. Plus, it can help keep your weight in check. Think of a good sleep as your body’s way of clicking 'refresh' to keep you feeling great.

Popular Questions

How much should I take of each supplement?

Take 2 capsules once per day.
For best results take 20-30 min before bedtime with water.

Always consult a doctor before taking a new supplement.

Is this bundle for me?

If you’re looking to support your natural sleep cycle, mood, and a healthy inflammation response, this is a great product for you.
Of course, consult your doctor.

Where is are these products made?

Restful Sleep is made right here in the USA!
Curalin is powdered in India and capsuled and bottled in the USA.

Are these supplements certified?

All of our supplements are made in NSF and GMP certified, and FDA registered facilities.

Can I take these supplements alongside my medications?

Generally speaking, these supplements are safe. However, always consult your doctor before starting on a new supplement.