7 Tips for a Healthy 4th of July for Diabetics

July 4th is right around the corner! It’s that special time of year Americans celebrate Independence.

While many diabetics feel truly enjoying Independence Day festivities is impossible, that certainly is a myth. It’s more than possible to maintain healthy habits and lifestyle choices during this special holiday.

To help all the diabetics out there stay on track and enjoy the fun here are 7 great diabetic diet tips for a healthy 4th of July:

#1 - Maintain regular eating habits.

It’s not wise to go to any holiday event or social gathering on an empty stomach. Going hours without eating not only can throw off blood sugar levels, but it puts the body “starvation mode,” making eating the wrong foods much more likely.

Try to keep normal eating habits as much as possible, and try to enjoy diabetic-friendly snacks to avoid pitfalls at social gatherings. Remember how important it is to keep cravings at bay, and consider using some of our recipes for diabetics daily to help!

#2 - Bring an entree, side, or dessert to the event for friends and family to share.

There are a number of amazing diabetic 4th of July recipes out there that anyone can enjoy. It’s easier to maintain healthy eating habits if the dishes actually taste good! Remember to continue to change it up by experimenting with different recipes for diabetics.

#3 - Exercise.

Try to get in any type of workout if possible in the morning. Not only is this a great way to boost energy for diabetics throughout the day, but exercising is a great natural appetite suppressant. Whether it’s walking or a more intense exercise, activity is vital to boost metabolism, reduce insulin spikes, and help burn more calories for the rest of the day.

#4 - If there is an afternoon gathering, attend that instead of one in the evening.

This way it’s possible to burn more calories during the day instead of attending the event, then hit the hay early.

#5 - Of course July 4th will have great food, and it’s important to exercise after eating.

Consider going for a walk with friends or family if the weather permits.

#6 - Adjust meals if eating habits do change during one meal.

If the event is in the afternoon, consider eating less at dinner time. Remember to be mindful of how much and how often food is eaten.

#7 - Don’t forget to hydrate!

Hydration is a great way to help cravings and a large appetite. Drink 1-2 glasses of water before mealtime. This will help fill up the stomach, and provide that full feeling.

Try to make use of these simple tips and stay on track with healthy eating and lifestyle choices this Independence Day. If mistakes are made, there’s no sense in being hard on yourself.

Just try to learn from mistakes and get back on track as soon as possible. To all our American readers, Happy Independence Day from the CuraLin family!