Open Insulin Foundation

By: Jolie Wiener

December 17, 2020


This holiday season there is a special cause that deserves our support. 

Open Insulin Foundation is close to creating a patent-free insulin so that diabetics around the world can afford their life-saving treatment. Insulin prices have skyrocketed by over 1,200% in recent years! So this project can help save many lives. 

If we’ve learnt anything from 2020, it’s that we need to stand together and look after each other's health as a community.

FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS ONLY, until Christmas Eve, every dollar you donate through our campaign for Open Insulin Foundation will be matched by CuraLife*. Together with you, we can help raise $10,000 for this very worthy cause before Christmas.

That means every dollar you give gets doubled. 

$1 becomes $2!

$10 grows into $20!

$100 grows into $200!

$180 grows into $360

$500 grows into $1,000!

100% of money given raised will be donated to Open Insulin Foundation. Every single penny.

Learn more about the Open Insulin Foundation here:

Please, open your hearts today and give to this project this holiday season. Together, we’ll change the world and contribute to a better 2021.

*Total CuraLife contribution is up to $5k.

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